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Box Fan Beef Jerky, part 2

In this post, I started making box fan beef jerky. If you can’t remember where I was when I left off, go take a peek.

Okay, so. The meat sat in the marinade overnight, and come morning I loaded it onto a 20” by 20” HVAC filter, courtesy of The Home Depot.

The cats were very interested.


I assembled the filters and strapped them to the fan.


The cats were very interested.


Here’s what it looked like after a day at work:


Tasty, but not properly preserved. I cut up the pieces too thick, originally. The above picture is after re-cutting, and before re-drying overnight.

I don’t have any pictures of the next morning, but the results are good. The jerky had a nice, mellow flavor, and has kept in a tupperware on the counter over the course of the week. Sabrina put the bug in my head to make Sriracha beef jerky… guess what I’m doing this weekend!