Helluva software engineer

Cancelling Comcast

  • Write down your account number.
  • Call Comcast: (1-800-934-6489)
  • Sit through the phone tree. The correct options are:
    • 1: Yes, my phone number is the phone number associated with the account.
    • 5: Remove services
    • 3: Cancel all services
    • 2: No, please don’t call me later.
  • Get confused when your phone makes the hanging up noise.

Re-center your chakras and try again.

  • Call Comcast.
  • 1
  • 5
  • 3
  • 2
  • A guy answers after less than a minute of waiting!
    • “Hi, my name is Chris, and I’d like to -”
    • “Hello, can you hear me? If you can hear me and I can’t hear you, please call us back at…”

Okay, maybe that was a fluke. Let’s try again.

  • Call Comcast.
  • 1, 5, 3, 2
  • Another guy answers after a minute or two
    • I’d like to cancel
    • I’m moving, and Comcast doesn’t service the new building
    • Okay, we’ll go with “the new building provides Comcast already”
    • No, I don’t want to add Comcast telephone service
    • Yes, I’d like to cancel
    • I’ll drop off the equipment
    • Okay, thank you!

It took ten minutes from start to finish.