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Flight Lessons 2018-08-05

Some slow flight and hood work followed by a trip out to Orange County for five landings up there. Cloudahoy really screwed the pooch on this one.

The numbers

Today’s flight

Yet Another TFR was in effect today, centered at Bedminster NJ. They gave us a nice little cutout around Greenwood Lake. We departed runway 6 to really still air and surprisingly good climb performance for the heat. There was barely a cloud in the sky, just some haze.

My instructor had me put on the googles and do some gentle manouvers. I focused on keeping my turns about 30 degrees. I did an okay job maintaining headings and altitudes; I think I was about 120 feet above my assigned altitude once, but I brought it back.

I took off the goggles and entered into slow flight. I really surprised myself at how well that went. I was rock solid at 50kts, and the plane was super happy maintaining altitude. We climbed in slow flight up to 4000 ft, recovered, and made our way over to Orange County.

People were flying right traffic for runway 26, just like last week. I entered the downwind in front of another plane and had to hurry. I think he wound up doing a 360 to give me a little extra room. I had a discussion with my instructor about things to do if I find myself higher than I want to be, namely adding flaps and cutting power. Nosing down isn’t a good option if you’re trying to land, because you wind up going faster than you want.

The five landings I did kina blurred together, but I need to work on a few things:

  • Maintaining pattern altitude until I’m ready to descend
  • Turning nice and sharp corners
  • Developing a decent sight picture and really knowing when I’m too high or too low
  • Not coming in with too much energy – I had enough energy to lift back up off the runway on a couple of landings.
  • Keeping myself on centerline and aligned with the runway on landing – I landed crabbed over a couple of times

The flight back to Greenwood Lake was pretty uneventful. Due to the TFR, we had traffic departing runway 6 while we were getting lined up on a 7 mile final for 24. We were talking to each other and saw each other, so it wound up being a non-issue.

My instructor says we’re going to work on ground reference manouvers next lesson, so I’ll summarize those.