Helluva software engineer

End Grain Cutting Board

I made an end-grain cutting board, and it’s about the coolest thing. It’s 1 34” thick and made from white maple. I’ll take you through the steps I followed.

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Jeep Box

One of the problems with Jeep Wrangler ownership is there’s nowhere to store things out of sight. Your backpack, laptop, whatever, it’s all hangin’ out there in the open. Even when you’ve zipped the top up, there’s nothing between your valuables and a set of sticky fingers besides a thin sheet of clear vinyl.

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Introducing Uluru

I don’t work for Backstop any more (but you should), but back when I did, we discovered we had no idea how long it took our users to load our tools. Hell, we couldn’t even figure out how many clicks per month we had! I was working with New Relic trying to get a quote from them, and the best I could do was 2 million plus or minus 800 thousand. We had insight into how long it took our servers to respond to requests, but no thought was given to DNS, loading outside resources, rendering DOM, etc.

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