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Message Queues and Go

I gave a talk last night to the ChicaGoLang meetup entitled “Message Queues and Go.” It went over using a Message Queue Broker as a backbone to tie together a service oriented archetecture, with examples in Go.

I put my slides here:

and you can follow along with the video here:

The examples in the code will, unfortunately, not work because they rely on RabbitMQ running on a specific IP address / port.

Let me know if there’s anything I got wrong or missed!

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Tips for using RabbitMQ in Go

###Corrections: 4% != .004% : When I was writing the article, my brain translated 99996 into 96000. Big difference. It turns out that I’m unable to dequeue somewhere between .004% and .20% of messages in about half of test runs. ###Note: I’ve been chatting with some very helpful RabbitMQ-knowledgeable people, and they have some suggestions for the issues I’m seeing that I’m going to check out. I will update this article with my findings. Read more →

Arduino Workshop

Sometimes, shit doesn’t work out. For example: Mike’s Hard Lemonade contacted me at the Southside Hackerspace, wanting us to modify a golf cart as part of their “Mike’s Hacks” summer ad campaign. I dumped a lot of time (and just a little money) into the project, but everything went south at the last minute. But this isn’t about that. At the same time, Mason Donahue put me in touch with Chicago Girls in Computing. Read more →

Intro to Golang

Hey everybody, check out this intro to the Go programming language I put together for a talk at Backstop the other week! Golang Slides I tried to keep the slides content-light, since I find that having too many things on the screen distracts from what I’m saying. I’ll recapitulate my notes below. Title slide. Blah blah blah. Around since 2009 Go started as a research project at Google in 2007. Read more →