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Top Ten Home Thorium Core Reactor Tips

This is the first in what I hope may be a series of retrofuturistic pieces styled after 1950s era Popular Mechanics DIY home improvement articles. I hope it’s fun to read!

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Jeep Box

One of the problems with Jeep Wrangler ownership is there’s nowhere to store things out of sight. Your backpack, laptop, whatever, it’s all hangin’ out there in the open. Even when you’ve zipped the top up, there’s nothing between your valuables and a set of sticky fingers besides a thin sheet of clear vinyl.

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How I clean my boots

I own a pair of Redwing leather boots. I really like these boots. They’re formal enough to be worn with dress clothes, but sturdy enough that I can grub around fixing cars and installing drywall. Good boots take care, especially to keep them waterproof and looking clean. This is what I’ve been doing.

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Assigning Globals in Go

This has bitten me in the butt a few times this week, so I figured I’d blog about it.

Be careful with your scope when you’re assigning values to global variables in Go!

Here’s a quick little example. We have a globally scoped variable, foo. In our main(), we call makeSomething(), which returns to us, we hope, a something and a nil error. Then we make that global foo variable point to that variable.

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