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Flight Lessons 2018-07-29 - First pattern work

Last week I passed a pre-solo test, but ceiling was too low to do any flying. This week, however, the weather was gorgeous. Few clouds at right around 3000 ft, but great visibility. My flight instructor and I headed up to the practice area to do some simulated IFR work, then to Orange County Airport in New York for some traffic pattern work.

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Using command line tools to analyze a crash

At Nautilus Labs, we’re advancing the efficiency of maritime transportation by collecting data and recognizing patterns. An interesting side effect of this is that we have insight into a ships’ actions, not just day-by-day, but second-by-second. It’s not as simple as dots on a map either; engine power, wind, rate-of-turn, it’s all important.

We worked with one of our clients to take advantage of this recently. A few days ago, one of their ships struck a jetty during a berthing maneuver.

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